Monday, 20 January 2014

Finding Clients for your Interior Decorating Business

I recently did a case study on interior decorating business and find out most interior decorators have a big challenge in finding clients ,one boggling question " how do they find clients?
It is a very good question and one that I am sure many of you are also wondering what the best way to find clients is?

There is no defined solution. Firstly word of mouth , you need to talk to friends and family, when you are just starting out, it can be a good way to get some referrals, though I don't recommend working for free .
For example, make sure your interior space is very inviting and creative ,so when your  friends and family come visiting   they may need your assistance in decorating tips such as choosing  new paint colors, patterns and textures and subsequently their friends will visit them and admire their new d├ęcor taste, the start of your referral chain, and your business  kicks out from there.

 Make cheap flyers and business cards to give out to people you meet by chance ,You can visit local stores who sell decorating products and see if they are willing to have your business cards available in return for specifying their products to your clients.

 These days the internet have provided us with a very easy way to advertise at no cost ,I will advice you to send your adverts online.Its key to  provide services at an affordable rate to build your client base.

 As an interior designer your work with close friends and family are usually small scale which gives you more confident to embark on larger project when it comes .These little jobs I call 'the trial and error stage' where you learn and amend your flaws on the job because if it happens on a larger job your business can be over before you really get started!

 Also don't forget to take quality photographs of the work to show other interested or potential clients your portfolio. From your albums you can set-up a website , your prospecting client can visit to see your works.

I hope this give those of you who are thinking about taking interior decorating up as a career some tips on how to get started.

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  1. Quite an eye opener for anyone who wishes to engage in the business of interior decorating. Cheers