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A little personality never hurt a room. Looking for a fresh way to dress up bare walls

Displaying photos, mirrors, painting etc.

The fun, fluid, and functional format above is as easy as using a cut out stencil of the photo ,painting frames by laying out all your pictures frames on the floor and moving them around until your arrangement is exactly how you want it!, before putting nails into the wall, Then hang them one by one onto the wall using the the stencil as a guide on the intended wall or door — or anywhere you have space — so you can display photos, postcards, or doodles. The best part is that you can re-arrange the frames layout to suit the space you have got.

 Basic stencil

Tips to create a photo display wall

• The center of your photo display wall should be at eye level (between 60″ – 66″)
• Use similar frames or matting, or display all color or all black & white photos
• Vary the frame sizes
• Introduce a focal point (larger picture frames)
• Mix it up – display photos as well as signs and other unique wall decor

Newspaper and shopping bag art, coins and money art,map etc.
cut out from old bags, newspaper,maps can be framed and used on the wall.Nicely arranged coins or money notes of different color and size placed on a canvass could be framed and hung on the walls .

Metal tools.
This arrangement of everyday metal objects from bygone eras is graphic and graceful, and it makes a huge impact on a stark white wall.

Fabric scraps on embroidery hoops.

What an easy and affordable way it is to display fabrics (wrapping paper and wallpaper work too). it can be in an appeling series of circles,rectangle,sqaures etc .

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