Tuesday, 4 February 2014

5 Major ways in creating a Romantic Bedroom

With love and romance in the air this February ,I can bet that everyone will want to have an intimate setting in their bedrooms. Romantic Bedroom gives you a feeling of relaxation . The fact is whether you have someone to share your bedroom with or not, you could always delight yourself by using romantic design themes to spice -up your space.
Romantic designs are usually very cozy ,comfortable ,and arousing too.

Creativity ideas to creating a romantic Bedroom; 


By either bringing in real or inanimate flowers or flowery design on; beddings/rugs/ curtains,artwork,wallpaper  into your bedroom. Take a minute  imagine yourself in a real garden of assorted colorful flowers and plant with sweet exotic scent all around you ,am quite sure it gives you an indescribable calmness and delight words cannot explain.....Smiles
In creating this romantic bedroom remember too much of it will ending making your space look tacky ,so my peeps be careful not to ruin this theme. Flower bring softness into your space.


Paradise floral arrangement in urn mediterranean style bedroom

2.Lighting Effects;

Light has a great effect on the physical nature of a structure. Light if chosen right creates a right mood, it all depends on the light fittings and activities expected in the space. For instance, we all know that luminance level for task with high accuracy are high than luminance level for ambient. I recommend you tone down the lights or use soft colored fire resistance  fabric on the light fittings to dim your light .You can also change your bulbs to a suitable  color(pink,red,etc) or use candles to suit the mood. In all Soft lightning is the most suitable for this design theme.

by Mike Gilbert

bedroom lighting
by Etna Walk

3.Fabrics for beddings, Draperies or curtains ;

window curtains or dressings should be  dark and alluring  to curb lights from traffic or  external noise from intervening in the romantic mood that is created.
Draperies or curtains that catches the wind and flows can make one feel like swaying away in delight. Sheer fabric can be used too.D. Porthault
Bedding, obviously, this is the center or focal point in the bedroom as it dominates most or part of the space . Silk and satin can be the perfect fabrics for your bed. It will give you a cozy and soft feel. Importantly Faux Fur, velvet and velour are soft, rich fabrics that can be made use for blankets and throw pillows, like the Peacock Alley 100% Egyptian cotton .
To cut down cost Just try to mix chic fabrics with interest design to create your own style of beddings.Use soft beddings
Image: Sayonatsi
Francesca Coverlet & Shams


colors help in the perception of  beauty in interior space and in adjusting ones mood .Nothing could be alluring than a bedroom with a lace of luscious fiery red .Other dark rich colors, gold color, pink color can be seductive too.

bad room ideas

4.Decorative items such as vase of different shape and sizes,bedcanopy,lovely studs ,artwork candle stands;

Interesting and engaging romantic decorative pieces can be used to give a romantic ambiance.

bottles wall mounted with floral berry and foliage display

 pictures culled from home-designing.com

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