Monday, 24 February 2014

Five typical Living room sofa arrangments

Most times people find it so difficult to achieve a nice effective sofa arrangement in their living room space, with irregular outlines, regular ones, rotating backrests and flexible sectional arrangements, finding the right suit could be very cumbersome. I will be relating to you the different types of layout you could use base on what  works for your space ,which are best categorized as ;

  • Circular arrangement
  • L - shape arrangement
  • U- shape arrangement
  • Linear arrangement
  • Arc arrangement
A sofa set can be a bit more challenging due to issues that may arise because of limited space but generally when you have the right furniture arrangement you find out you have more room. With these basic arrangement pattern you can go an extra mile  to create other complex patterns.

Circular/Round Arrangement

When designing a living room with a circular sofa ,the size of the room should be put into great consideration .This circular pattern brings people closer during conversation ,and it restricts movement .



 L - shape arrangement

L-shape pattern is a great and effective living room layout, it could either be short or extra long L-shape sofas.L-shape sofas can be tricky to position in smaller rooms ,one important step to take is avoiding pieces that are too specific in case you will need to move to some other  apartment in the future. Its formed when one seating element is longer than the other. L-shape can be used for big time entertaining and serves as a room divider mostly dividing the living and dinning areas in an open space plan. They are static but mostly comfortable and modern. Great in maximizing your space.

U- shape arrangement

U-shaped arrangement is also a great for lounging ,the corners could be curvy or straight .It can also be achieved by placing seats to form a U shape for instance the anchor seat is placed in the middle flaked with 2 side tables then two sofa chairs on each side to create a symmetrical arrangement. U-shape is more intimate and works well in a large space.

Linear arrangement

Linear arrangement consist of one or more seating element either placed  parallel ,or angular .This arrangement solely depends on how you want to lay out your long sofa ,bare in mind you have to be skillful to create this seating arrangement.Its mostly used in small spaces, and waiting rooms

Arc arrangement

Arc arrangement consist of either arranging your sofa to form an arc or simply in fusing arc seating element .This pattern looks mild and appealing when done nicely, It works well in both small and large space .

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