Friday, 14 February 2014

Yellow living room interior inspirations

Looking for a burst of sunshine in your interiors? then take a look at this beaming collection of yellow room reference, to try in your home.To add a cheerful ray to your living room you could start subtly with accessories, cushions and throws, artwork, or perhaps a small accent chair or decorative screen. Going all out on the theme,means painting a large accent wall in a vibrant shade or even have a sofa reupholstered. There are many shades to choose from,  a bright primary yellow which can be  overpowering , a lemon yellow can be more calming on the eye. Whichever shade of yellow brings vibrancy to your space, it makes the space come alive.

Many colors look great with yellow, team with splashes of blue,red or green accent pieces to balance out this scheme.

 Team your yellow with lots of white to keep the look ultra fresh.     

Its really simple to change up a color scheme with new bed linen, curtains, and lampshade, but for extra zing try repainting that drab old chest of drawers and headboard, or even just a bookshelf and the frame of a full length dressing mirror.                 

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“Yellow is the new Pink”, many persons agree
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