Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Twisting Stair Case - 10 Cal Tower / Supermachine Studio

Speaking about our world today,most forms and shapes of buildings around the world are created to interpret the times and seasons we are in. People's idea have metamorphosed into futuristic designs,placing more emphasizes on the aesthetic features. With this notion Architects, are becoming more creative in designing.I call it the Empire Stairs because of its colour and movement .
Architectural review announces it as the winner of the 2015 AR Emerging Architecture Awards,located in Bangkok. It is referred to as the most
“Resistant” design , known also as “The Labyrinth”. 10 Cal Tower derived its name from the average number of calories it takes to traverse its twisting staircases.
The Tower was uniquely built to suit the Older and newer generation in the play ground setting.

  • Main Architect: Pitupong Chaowakul and a team of young architects, Sujinda Khawkam, Kasidis Peuktes and Mint Mintly.


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