Saturday, 13 February 2016

5 Basic principle to Maximize your Space

Life can get tough when our spaces are not optimally planned out . Many of us strive for a more simplified life where what surrounds us are either things we love or need or both most times. A planned out space makes it easy to find things and keep the space tidy in the midst of everyday multi-tasking. If you find your self having limited space here are a few tips to help you ;

avoid this and optimally maximize your space

1.     Establish the space in use: Most times function follows form or space. In establishing the use of your space means you have to create zones for different and specific activities around the house i.e. your sleeping, eating, working areas etc must be clearly mapped out. Make sure you use furnishing that transits or flows into the adjoining zone/area to avoid conflict of space which leads to clutter. Creative demarcation of this space can make it feel larger . When trying to maximize a living room space consider the seating area and number of guest you will be having per time ,introduce  a window seat, seats underneath the table ,puffs to have adequate seating area and maintain enough space to move around.

2.    Use Multi-functional furniture:  While maximizing your space, focus more on using elements that can be switched to fit some other purpose .Scout for tables that can function both as desk and dining table. Get a deep sofa that can be converted into a guest bed. These transformational pieces can restyle a space without taking up much space. Explore and research more technologies where possible to provide more room space. Other Suggestive ideas include introducing a;
  • Folding chair.
  • Nesting table.
  • Collapsible table
  • Murphy bed   

3.Creatillusions: Visual illusions can make a space appear larger .This can be achieved by various methods: Using floor to ceiling curtains, see through furnishing,strategically placing mirrors, using strips on walls or floor treatments, increased Lighting and utilizing soothing and even tones like neutral colors, enlarging your windows, swapping solid wooden doors for mirror or glass could also help achieve these illusions. NB: always endeavor to group your collections of art works together and avoid stacking up too much.

the circular vertical line from the ceiling makes the room  large and maximized efficiently 

4.Use Large scale furniture but minimally: This seems unwise to do but trust me this idea makes the space look grand and appear large. Dont be afriad to use large furnishings but dont over load the space with large things balance it out with little furnishing.

5.  Storage System : Customized built-in storage nooks and furnishing can beautify and also maximize a space . Think vertical and horizontal storage to hid away things .Use shelves either above the eye level, below and at eye level , or beds and tables with storage drawers. 

Picture source:INT2architecture

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