Thursday, 25 February 2016

5 Exquisite Colors for your walls

Colors  are universal elements that make a statement. They depict various, emotions and vibrations at any given point in time .We have different types of color which are classified under Primary ,Secondary and Tertiary colors .Some people just want to go with regular colors while others want it a bit bold, bright and intriguing .It all depends on choice , but certain decisions we take on our choice of colors are almost like an obstacle to creating the desired ambiance and we often times regret our choices.  If given a chance to do it all over again,
what new choices will you make?
Wow what an important question to ask ,first take your time, step out and look around. Nature has abundantly blessed us with  colors that we can't hate or feel indifferent about . The sky is sky Blue and white,the tresses and grasses are ever green with different shades of green and the sand color varies ;I could go on and on .
When painting a wall think about how these "Earth tone" colors resonate and how they can be applied to your houses.

My Earth tone colors are:


The favorite of all times. Is naturally found everywhere: our sky, water,flowers etc. Its a heavenly color that commands dominance and is ranked the favorite of all colors. Be sure you can never go wrong with this .When used through out a design, it could lack some level of originality / creativity,  but when combined with other colors it becomes  phenomenal. Various popular shades are shown below:


More than a color but a symbol ,it represents the Ecology and natural environment.There are more shades of green than any other color . Green compliments most colors. The best palette of green is either the lemon green or very pale green and these usually suit most spaces.


White as a universal color represents purity and  sophistication.It makes our space comfortable and its the most refreshing color of the color spectrum. White makes the space timeless and can be used as a canvass. When designing starts off,  it starts with white before building up with other colors and items. Overall, white works with any color and also gives a dreamy feel.


 Brown color can be strong and friendly depending on the shade used. Brown shades commonly used are the dark,light or beige.  Although termed a boring color , it normally has a stabilizing effect on the overall design. Dark brown goes with lighter colors but beige and light brown can be used alone .It also works for flooring,walls,furniture,accessories,light fixture,curtains, etc


Gray is considered a boring and drab color. Notwithstanding , its a cool and stable color to use in your interior.Gray is a modern color that goes with a wide range of colors and brings certain levels of balance of warm and cool colors which gives a relaxing effect.

Earth-tone colors


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