Friday, 26 February 2016

Yellow Colored Inspired Living Room Designs

ooking for a burst of excitement in your interiors? then take a look at this collection of yellow room design ideas, to try in your homes.Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum ,and should be used cautiously . Going with a whole theme means painting a large accent wall in a vibrant shade and there are many shades to choose from;  a bright primary yellow which can be subduing and overpowering thereby keeping you energetic, a lemon yellow can be more calming on the eye.
Yellow is vibrant in whichever shade but you could accent your space with pieces  such as vases,throw pillows,curtains, artwork, or small accent chairs .

Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum,it keeps you
 bubbly and awake but when used excessively it can irritate the eye.



Yellow goes with many colors but try to tone it with primary or secondary colors.Team your yellow with lots of white to mellow it.



 Bright yellow art works can energize a space with neutral color background.Yellow is a secondary color; and can be used with any color .Live it up!

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