Tuesday, 8 March 2016

5 Basic way tips to Make a Huge Statement in your Interior Space

Are you tired of having the same old design in your space and you need to make a huge statement .You don't have to go buy new furniture or change your wall painting completely if its not necessary to, all what is needed is a pop of color ,fittings or ornaments . Here are a few ideas;


1.Add a huge dramatic upholstery




2.Mirrors and wood can be designed in different creative ways to create a zen illusion.



3.Use cut out stencils; it could be flowery,art,or any pattern on your wall.



4.Create a nice view ,by opening up windows or walls to a nice garden setting.You can

simply use nature inspired wall paper.



 5. A splash of bright exciting colors on your wall, but be careful not to over-do this one.


source : home-designing

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