Tuesday, 15 March 2016

7 Tips to create a unique Landscape

You have this space in your yard and have no clue on how to beautify it ? It happens to the best of us. There are a lot of things you have to consider if you want to have up a beautiful landscape. Some key Questions to ask yourself are ;

  • What kind of activities will be hosted there (N/B :This depends on the available space)
  • What kind of scenery you want to create?
  • Is it a private or public seating area?
  • How do you intend to keep it clean?
  • What is the existing soil type?
  • What kind of plants flourish without much maintenance?
  • What is your budget?

After the thought process,you can advance to putting the idea into motion .Here are a few tips to creating a beautiful landscape.

1.Taking perimeters or measurements.


Working with measurements helps in demarcations,and proper control of desired space . Your measurements gives you an idea of the area you are working on even if you are getting a professional to take on the job. Measurements are quite easy to take ,as they help in the determination of overall scope of work, serve as a good reference point and give a clear idea of available space.

2.Make sketches. 

Don't be scared now. For those of you who don't have a  niche for creative drawing ,you can simply label the chosen space lol. Remember its for your eyes only. Equipped with your dimensions, you can then look up a similar work on either the internet,books,family or friends projects wink"copy cat" etc.


3.List out all the elements you need.

After all the site work and case studies, a list of all the elements desired for your design is made. Simple suggestions include

  grasses, trees,stones or rocks, fountains,durable seats,light fittings, ponds,  fancy walk ways etc

4.Find out the source and price.

Today, sourcing and pricing can be easy as there are local adverts on where to get your needed item and online shops.You can work with the  quotation gotten from a professional to guide you and then decide on what to purchase and use.

5. Specify the space function.

Determine the space use ,which can be in sections of green area,seating area,pond area etc


6.Site preparations and execution.

The main work is in the clearing and earthworks where necessary, If you've got strength and your willing to do it yourself, way to go. if not, opt for other options  such as an handy man , family or friends.

7.Start Building up and Planting where necessary.

Go with your outline and start translating what you have on paper to the ground .

When you set-up your landscape don't forget to maintain it .


What do you think?

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