Thursday, 24 March 2016

Neutral color Bedroom design


eutral colors are subtle but at the same time powerful.They are colors you can live with for years and not even bother about them.They easily blend in and are relaxing and when used in a bedroom gives some level of calmness and comfort to your space.

Neutral tones in bedroom are warm and welcoming also making it easy to fall asleep fast but perhaps not as easy to leave the bed in the morning lol..


When working with neutral tones you can start with a neutral base, add patterns and textures to create visual interest. Neutral bedrooms with off-white walls and neutral furnishings go well with a splash of personal touch from the patterned bedding and draperies as depicted above. When mixing patterns, it's important to keep the scale and colors of each print in mind.


When using a neutral color go with a delicate ,youthful and sophisticated color that appeals to all such as light gray,pale green,beige,ivory etc .Most of these neutral colors have a secret to them,shh whispers they're undertone colors.Please beware of the undertone mixture while decorating and simply find out the proportion of the colors used to achieve your neutral color.
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