Friday, 4 March 2016

The Cube

 was amazed by this magnificent structure standing in the midst of a busy urban area.I called it a structure cause its  more than a building. It looks like a molecular structure in one of those atomic science analysis  but now its real and enlarged. I sure will love to live there ,eye-rolling just thinking about it.
Anyway it's known as "The Cube" , its located on a prominently visible location on Plot 941 in Sin el Fil, an eastern district of Beirut, Lebanon. It is a 50 meter high tower conceptually simplified but a wowing edifice.

With a fantastic and perfect view of the cityscape of Beirut and the Mediterranean.
The large panoramic windows gives you a 360 view of Beirut and each level consists of one or two apartments, with every apartment having an opportunity to take in the day and night views of the vibrant city of  Beirut.

The design with the 14 stacked and rotated floor plans generates 19  apartments in total, with fluid spaces, large balconies and wall to wall window frames.The parking garage is located underground in 3 layers and partly set into the adjacent hill.The cantilever floors and the X ,Y factor on the Cube gave it an outstanding facade to behold.

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