Friday, 31 January 2014


5 ways to make a statement in your space

Are you tired of having same old design in your space and you need to make a huge statement .You don't have to go buy new furniture or change your wall painting completely if its not necessary to ,all what is needed is a pop of colour ,fittings or ornaments .Here re so ways to;

1.Add a huge dramatic upholstery

Traditional-Bedroom (Blue-Taupe-Brown)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


With busy lives full of family, friends and work, our bedroom is oftentimes the place we go to relax and escape everyday life. When done right, a bedroom is a stress-free private sanctuary full of soothing colors, comfortable bedding and plush pillows. Setting that tone is often a challenge, especially when kids often take precedence, but a quick makeover can easily transition even the most in-trouble space.

P- square - Nigerian stars new home

P-square's house in Atlanta USA has this transitional design taste to it but suit this new generation. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics.
 I like the center piece rug, it flows well into the color scheme. The general layout is beautiful with lots of sufficient light and space, harmonious shades of color ranging from white to chocolate brown impart a soothing calmness to this living room.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Architect’s Villa in Saint-Tropez

This punchy pad is the four bedroom Architect’s Villa located ‘on top of the world’ in l’Escalet, Saint-Tropez, with amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. The contemporary holiday home comes complete with retractable glazed walls in order to enjoy the warm weather as you move seamlessly between the indoors and out, and an infinity pool where you can cool off in style. Mostly neutral colors and earth tone colors are used which makes the orange accent noticeable  ,I see myself living here lol



I love this song "the color of love" by boyz II men ,hmmm it reminds me that any color of the rainbow can represent love for different individuals .Colors for me are expression of ones true inner feelings. In Africa we perceive color to represent beauty and personality, most time colors are associated to meanings. Lets do this little exercise to know what color you love most ,now take a deep breath close your eyes , picture yourself alone  in a small dark room what do you feel about being in a dark room, repeat this with primary color Red, Blue and  yellow then move to secondary colors(or whichever color you think you love) .Stay on each color for about 3-5minutes .

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Your beige bedroom

Abeige bedroom portrays a sense of durability, quality and a classic sense of nature and quiet. A combination of beige and a brown color gives you a connection with the earth. Its calming to have this color in a bedroom ,I like the contrast on the walls and ceiling by incorporating a wall paper.


An effective Bedroom is a well planned out space with lots of room to store all your personal effect and other activities.

Most times when a bedroom is decorated or remodel, the room looks great, but after a short time it gets all cluttered and I have taken it upon myself do find out how to keep your bedroom free from unnecessary clutter.

These basic steps in creating an effective bedroom includes;

v  Firstly great planning and future expansion should be in view when organizing your arrangements

v  Enough Storage space like the wardrobe space, side drawers/cabinets, and bed head shelves should be sufficient enough for your clothing and other items. To maximize space the wardrobe should be very orderly and ease to see through. Under bed storage is another effective way to store bulky things like extra pillows, extra blankets, coats that are not being used .I recommend investing in a storage unit that has wheels (there are numerous types available and you can make one yourself) , this makes it easier to get in and out. Depending on the bed makeup, this may not be possible, and again your bedcover can conceal these storage units.

v  Use decorative boxes of varying sizes to store things in, like jewelry, scarves, magazines, hats (hat boxes), and hand bags. These can be stacked in a decorative layout in a corner.

v  Create more space for your excesses by using book cases, cardboard boxes, rattan boxes; other types of available boxes .You can decorate these boxes with fabric to suit your design theme.

v  Possibly have 3 laundry baskets with different use, one for your laundry purpose, the other two for charity and amendment, make sure it’s kept in a discreet place and it’s also in line with your design.  This will ensure all your dirty clothes, giveaway clothes and clothes for adjustment or amendment are out of the way and they don't pile up on the sofa or table you have but can never use.

v  Use shoe racks to maximize the usage of space, there are different types of shoe rack i suggest you pick one that suit your space, though I like the wooden shoe racks.

v  Adjust your pattern; Small patterns look best on the smaller things in the room-lampshades, pillow shams, bedside-table covers, and bed skirts. Larger patterns look great in broad swaths-bedspreads and voluminous window treatments. Adjusting the patterns in your bedroom can make a room seem less cluttered and can also bring a calming mood

v  Make sure there are no tight spot in the room. When arranging furniture, allow some empty space on each side of the bed for dressing as well as making the bed, cleaning and vacuuming. This will help you keep areas clean and prevent small areas with little 'breathing room' from becoming clutter-traps.

v  Few important things should be kept on the dresser or drawer to give you enough room to dust and to access them easily.

Those are a few easy tips to apply when creating an effective Bedroom to make sure it remain the same for months to come.


A little personality never hurt a room. Looking for a fresh way to dress up bare walls

Displaying photos, mirrors, painting etc.

The fun, fluid, and functional format above is as easy as using a cut out stencil of the photo ,painting frames by laying out all your pictures frames on the floor and moving them around until your arrangement is exactly how you want it!, before putting nails into the wall, Then hang them one by one onto the wall using the the stencil as a guide on the intended wall or door — or anywhere you have space — so you can display photos, postcards, or doodles. The best part is that you can re-arrange the frames layout to suit the space you have got.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


African is rich in diverse cultural heritage. Over the course of time African design element have been thrown aside and more of modern and contemporary design term are used in most interior and outdoor spaces. Regardless of these new and fabulous design element ,African element can be used to showcase our diverse heritage and culture ideas. The opportunities are endless from the paintings, to sculptures and other artifacts, our home can become a mini-museum exposing us to African heritage .These African design element can give our home and offices an exotic look and closer to nature.


Kourtney Kardashian 's new home

Kourtney Kardashian is moving on - to a new home, that is. Even though the reality star and interior designer Jeff Andrews just finished decorating her Calabasas, CA, home this past Fall, Kourtney admits she's ready for a new project. Featured on InStyle, the gorgeous spread serves as a virtual open house. See the spaces we love most (including the room she designed herself) and check out the full tour on InStyle!
Photo by Grey Crawford for Jeff Andrews


Monday, 20 January 2014

Finding Clients for your Interior Decorating Business

I recently did a case study on interior decorating business and find out most interior decorators have a big challenge in finding clients ,one boggling question " how do they find clients?
It is a very good question and one that I am sure many of you are also wondering what the best way to find clients is?

There is no defined solution. Firstly word of mouth , you need to talk to friends and family, when you are just starting out, it can be a good way to get some referrals, though I don't recommend working for free .

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Do you love nice and enchanting interior space and you don't  know to bring these design elements into your space. Stop pacing and trying to figure out how to cos NEW SLATE DESIGN is here with pictures and interior ideas that will bring tasty INTERIOR DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE into your space.

Classic Asian design