Thursday, 23 January 2014


I love this song "the color of love" by boyz II men ,hmmm it reminds me that any color of the rainbow can represent love for different individuals .Colors for me are expression of ones true inner feelings. In Africa we perceive color to represent beauty and personality, most time colors are associated to meanings. Lets do this little exercise to know what color you love most ,now take a deep breath close your eyes , picture yourself alone  in a small dark room what do you feel about being in a dark room, repeat this with primary color Red, Blue and  yellow then move to secondary colors(or whichever color you think you love) .Stay on each color for about 3-5minutes .
This little exercise will determine the colors you appreciate more and you can stand in your living space.

Understanding our emotional reaction to color is very key in architecture, product design, graphic design so on and so forth .Color plays a major role in mood association that determine the way we feel about a space or product. Researcher's have shown that up to 60%of a consumer's first impression of a product comes from its color. Color convey strong messages that goes beyond ethnic , racial or gender boundaries ,on this notion I will be identifying how we feel about these colors.

What is Nigerian's favorite color? Blue(mostly sky or sea blue) is top choice for 40% of Nigerians, followed by Green 20%,Red 15%,white 10% and others .

comment on the colors you love the most, Thank you

Colors and how we feel about them in our  space:


Red is symbolic of highly ,charged personal feeling of passion ,aggression ,boldness ,and love on the other hand. Red is the first named color, its alerts us to pay attention ,its sexy ,dynamic and exciting .Its a powerful color for the dinning room area and its making a full comeback for living rooms as bold accents of red and its really makes  bold statement.




Blue is a primary color like the red color its peaceful and tranquil. Deep blue is respected as a sign of the law, order and logic. Its cool and relaxing too. Blues such as periwinkle, electric blue, and brilliant blue becomes dynamic and energizing .Blue is easy to use when making color schemes.





yellow emanates energy. Its expresses the brightness and heat of the sun and emulates warmth. Its perceived as cheerful, soft to touch. Its the happiest and yet confident color to use in decorating.






White represent purity and simplicity .It portrays the message of clarity and cleanliness .All white room however can be unsettling and uncomfortable though its the probably most used in interior and exterior design, most ceiling ,bathroom are white due to the fact that it goes with every color .It represents light in the house.





Strong ,classic, somewhat elegant describes the feeling  about black. While black is associated with darkness , gloominess, mourning ,today its more associated to sophistication and strength. Its dramatic in nature provides great contrast when teamed with white or lighter colors .Its a color to camouflage undesirable things you don't want to get noticed as it does not reflect light .


Green signifies life. Its alive, friendly and steady. Its represents nature, and is soothing, refreshing and healing. Deeper green signifies power, prestige and money. Its a fantastic color for interior decorating almost like the neutral colors , green trees ,grasses ,shrubs ,in fact green is everywhere and acceptable too.




Purple is royal, spiritual, elegant and mysterious. Its a combination of the passion and excitement of red and the peacefulness of blue. Its a nice color but not frequently use in decorating.





Brown connect us to the earth and provides a feeling of stability and sureness .Some people perceive brown as dirty but with  the right color scheme its becomes a rich color. Not so good when used completely.






Pale pink represents the sweetness of youth, and vibrant pinks are high spirited and express a bit of energy .Its a hate or love color ,Pink is soft and subtle, delicate and gentle yet bold and vibrantly shocking can be emotional and stimulating .Its considered a feminine color.




The old perception of Orange is that it presented itself as cheap and low budget. Orange has come a long way and its now recognized as friendly ,inviting and also intense. There are different shade of orange color ranging from the dark tones to pale tones ,mostly the pale or mid tones are sophisticated and pleasing. Its reduces irritability and hostility and improves ones mood. I must confess I used the pale orange with off white in my bedroom, its truly





Gray is also associated with gloominess as black color ,but can become sophisticated when teamed with bright color link pink, orange, peach etc.

Please don't  forget to state your favorite colors here


  1. my favorite colour is orange

  2. Colors make life beautiful. For me, sky blue is ma favourite color. Gr8 article. :)

  3. R for.. RED♡♡!!! Its warm and positive.. . I'm already imagining that in ma dinning area.. . *big smile