Wednesday, 29 January 2014

P- square - Nigerian stars new home

P-square's house in Atlanta USA has this transitional design taste to it but suit this new generation. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics.
 I like the center piece rug, it flows well into the color scheme. The general layout is beautiful with lots of sufficient light and space, harmonious shades of color ranging from white to chocolate brown impart a soothing calmness to this living room.

 I love the window size
 nice bathroom 

Wow Collection of so many awards, I wish time was taken in arranging them on wall could have made quite a statement. Warm brown to chocolate wood tones are typically the only deep tones used in transitional designs.Lovely color scheme ..........

 The color scheme is quite rustic here,anyway neutral tones and nonpatterned fabrics create a sense of comfort .


 Warmly colored rectangular glass tiles top provide the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements.

 Natural elements such as stone, granite, and wood are good choices for transitional design because they can play a significant role in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Peter Okoye shared the pictures of their  interior
"@PeterPsquare: Bought ourselves two new homes in Atlanta GA. Thank u Lord. Cc @rudeboypsquare   #Buckhead #Hardwork

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  1. The interior of the house is looking cool and nice, spacious bedrooms and living room but wondered why a gorgeous building like this will be having small kitchen. With a dark floor, they should have introduced a light wall to compliment the floor and make the kitchen spacious. Nice decoration.